Review: A Fall Backward Through the Hourglass by P.A. Cornell

Review of A Fall Backward Through the Hourglass by P.A. Cornell (1082 words)

Cossmass Infinities, Issue 8, April 2022 : Purchase or Read Online

A heartfelt fantasy by the author who also wrote Nine Lives. I enjoyed that story and loved this even more. If I had to use just one word, it would be poignant. The protagonist starts aging backwards after the birth of her daughter, born on her thirtieth birthday.

As she keeps getting younger, she and her daughter go through different phases where their relationship changes as their relative ages change. It is often difficult for both of them, but there's no lack of love and affection, even through the hard times.

As she keeps getting younger, some observations just slice through you, especially if you're a parent or have been a caregiver to a young child. The story was tight, with strong prose and emotional resonance. Loved it!

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